CEO - Ruslan Kamensky

The CEO of Genesis Vision, Ruslan Kamenskiy, is a financial software developer with more than seven years of experience, and was the Principal Software Developer for the “Saint Petersburg” stock exchange.

He was also head of the software department of a financial broker company, and implemented HFT strategies for the hedge fund.

In November 20, 2016, Ruslan Kamenskiy and Dmitry Nazarov (The co-founder of Genesis Vision) won the HackRussia ( all-Russian hackathon in the nomination “Finance and Blockchain” with the Genesis Vision project.

CTO - Dmitry Nazarov

The CTO of Genesis Vision, Dmitry Nazarov, is a financial software developer with more than seven years of experience.

Initially starting as a software developer for a Forex broker, he then advanced to being a Senior Software Developer for the "Saint Petersburg" stock exchange.

CBDO - Alexey Kutsenko

Alexey Kutsenko is the founder of Tools For Brokers Inc., a brokerage software development company, which has been developing financial software since 10 years ago, for more than 300 companies worldwide.

Alexey has extensive experience in development and sales of financial technology, trust management and regulation.



The Genesis Vision team also consists of several more developers, all with heavy experience in the financial area. For the full list of developers, along with their Linkedin profiles, visit


Charlie Shrem

Charlie is one of the early Bitcoin advocates and adopters with a huge influence in the crypto world.

He co-founded the one of the earlies Bitcoin company BitInstant, and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, formerly serving as vice chairman. In 2017, he joined Jaxx ( a multi-chain wallet for digital assets ) as its director of business and community development

Konstantin Gladych

Konstantin is the CEO of Changelly, one of the leading instant crypto currency exchange, that serves 500 000 customers with 200 million USD monthly turnover.

Demetrios Zamboglou

Demetrios is the Chief Business Development Officer of Lykke AG, the “Fintech Company of the Year 2017” which is awarded by a European Commission competition.


Aside from advisers from the crypto world, Genesis Vision also has more than 10 advisers from the world-wide Fund Management field ( CEOs of brokerage firms and also of capital investment businesses ), which should greatly help Genesis Vision achieve their end-goal.   . For the full list of advisers, along with their Linkedin profiles, visit