What is the Genesis Vision Platform ?

It is the first platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

The platform aims to combine exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into a decentralized, open and honest network, making the financial market even more global.

As for all projects, reading the Genesis Vision Whitepaper is mandatory for truly understanding the project.

Further on we will try to briefly summarize the concept of Genesis Vision.

Who will be using the Genesis Vision Platform

The attached diagram briefly explains the Genesis Vision platform, but for a better understanding, let's first see who are the actors within the Genesis Vision Platform

Investors. They do not trade in the market directly. Instead, investors transfer their funds to experienced traders who manage the funds for them. Investors get their shares from their managers’ profits.

Managers. They are companies/individuals with a proven trading history, ready to acquire investors' money for management. The profit, received as a result of management of the total funds, is shared proportionally between the managers and investors. Managers receive a commission for management and a commission from the profit (success fee).

Brokers. They are companies that have the appropriate licenses to carry out brokerage activities. Through brokers, traders have access to trading financial instruments on exchange and over-the-counter markets.

How does the platform work?

The Genesis Vision Token ( GVT ) is the main GAS used within the platform, and is the token used for investing and distributing the profits within the platform.

Achieving true tokenization, each manager will emit their own tokens, which will be available to be bought by investors, by using the Genesis Vision token.

Based on proven track record of managers, investors will be able to trade their GVT tokens for the manager tokens, on the exchange within the Genesis Vision platform.

Investing now becomes not just a transfer of money but the purchase of a cryptocurrency, which remains liquid throughout the process and can be resold at any time.

Then the funds get locked for a period of time chosen by the Manager ( depending on whether he is a short term or long term trader ) , and after that period, the profits achieved by the trader in that particular time frame get re-distributed to the Manager token holders, also in the form of GVT tokens.

What is the target market ?

The Genesis Vision platform not only targets crypto-currencies, but the whole Assets Under Management ecosystem, which currently sits at 70 Trillion Dollars, and which is prospected to grow to 100 Trillion Dollars by 2020.

Furthermore, the entire crypto ecosystem is expected to grow very much by 2020, and thus it will also be a very big chunk of the trades done within the platform.

The Genesis Vision platform already has around 400 brokers around the world waiting to join the platform, thus ensuring they will capture a good chunk of the funds under management currently trading on Forex markets ( classical assets such as gold and silver included ) - mainly due to their partnership with Tools For Brokers which provides technological solutions for brokers, including FOREX, CFD, STOCKS and BINARY OPTIONS.


When will this be achieved ?

The team has put forth a very comprehensive ROADMAP stretching across 2020. They have specified very well all the steps they will be taking to bring the Genesis Vision to life.

Key Milestones are :

  • Q1 2018 - Alpha Platform release ( with full investing capabilities and MetaTrader integration - a main software used for Forex trading )
  • Q3 2018 - Beta platform release ( with crypto exchanges integration )
  • Q1 2019 - 1.0 Platform release ( with stock exchanges integration )
  • Q1 2020 - Banks integration for extra GVT liquidity

Key Genesis Vision Token Advantages

Trust-Less Envrionment

Genesis Vision will bring a trust-less environment between investors and managers taking care of the investors money - which is now revolutionary - blind faith and scams still exist in the real world, and the Crypto world is much more prone to such scams and outside manipulations.

Increased Liquidity

Genesis Vision brings true liquidity between investors and managers. Currently, the investor is strictly tied to the managers fund. With GVT, the investor will be able to quickly change managers within the platform whenever they see fit ( whenever they feel the manager is not performing )

Huge Target Market

Genesis Vision is targeting a HUGE market. The Assets Under Management Industry is at $70 Trillion and expected to grow to $100 Trillion by 2020. Crypto funds will be getting bigger and bigger too, when people will realise that a trader can outperform them massively even in a booming field like Crypto.

Excellent Team

The Genesis Vision team has excellent expertise in the field. The CEO and CTO have been working on the Saint-Petersburg stock exchange development, currently one of the TOP 10 leading global derivatives markets in terms of trading volume.

Excellent Advisors

Genesis Vision have attracted great Advisors, both from the Crypto world ( Charlie Shrem, one of the Bitcoin pioneers and Bitcoin Foundation founder, also Konstantin Gladych, founder of Changelly, one of the leading instant Crypto exchange ), and from the Fund Management world. See the whole team on their official website

Excellent Vision

Aside from the revolutionary vision bridging the Crypto and Funds Under Management areas, the team is doing all the work publicly and in an open source way, thus ensuring that everybody has access to the platform and ensuring that the funds are always ultimately safe, since the platform can be reviewed from the outside

Genesis Vision will change the way investments are made !

In a world where Bernard Madoff can pull billion of dollar scams by doing fake investments, or where Bitconnect can succesfully run an investment scam, Genesis Vision will bring an honest and transparent way to create value. Welcome to the future !